Dragon Campaign

Pre-Prophecy History

The Prophecy: Pre-History

Over 300,000 years ago, in the final days of the goddess Eshixa, three young dragons were chosen to carry the virtues of Strength, Cunning, and Wisdom to the far reaches of the world. Eshixa had seen the evil nature of the chromatic dragons, and believe that discipline in the Three Principles would reign in their dark natures. It was a last shot effort with a glimmer of hope, for in those times, not all chromatic dragons were evil, and not all metallic dragons were good.

To support her message, Eshixa chose Caex the red dragon to teach the virtue of strength, Sjach the green dragon to teach the virtue of cunning, and Irthos the blue dragon to teach the virtue of wisdom. The three experienced marginal success, but the message was too late. The dragon species of the world eventually fell into the divided categories you find them in today, and the goddess, and her disciples, were forgotten by many.

There remained, however, a small sect of devout followers who kept the history of the Three Principles, and the goddess Eshixa as core foundations for their society. This group, also known as the Xiash people, was comprised of many dragons of all colors and varieties that all lived in harmony. When the humanoids came to the dragon plane, a select few found the Xiash and joined their societies. The Xiash were eventually driven underground by the followers of Tiamat and Bahumut, who considered the concept of lesser gods to be degrading to their patron deities. They refused the concept that Eshixa was goddess of all, and hunted the heretic Xiash people until sparse dozens remained.

This is where our story meets the present. Faeyre is of Xiash heritage, and she grew up in the last remaining Xiash city, deep beneath the mountains, right underneath the nose of Maexrixcharir. Her father, Zazthomias is chief advisor to the current leader of the people, who is a battle dragon by the name of Artyeoth. To this day the culture of the Xiash is a mixture of chromatic, metallic, planar, and even mixed blood dragons. The city, Athear-Jhank, is massive, spanning many hundreds of underground caverns. It is a work of art even the dwarves would envy.



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