The Plane of Dragons is heavily divided between the forces of good and evil. Below is a list of the leaders of all the good and evil dragons. Each dragon on the list has a real name in addition to the one they are called, though very very few typically know any of the leader dragons’ names.



Maekrixorn (Silver Leader), Maekrixaurix (Gold Leader), Maekrixauraj (Brass Leader), Maekrixaujir (Bronze Leader), Maekrixrach (Copper Leader).


Maekrixmitne (Radiant (Light) Leader), Maekrixjesk (Fang Leader), Maekrixrygat (Chaos Leader), Maekrixqumadosfan (Oceanus (Ocean) Leader), Maekrixfip (Ethereal (Ghost) Leader), Maekrixvargach (Battle Leader).



Maekrixulhar (Blue Leader), Maekrixcharir (Red Leader), Maekrixachuak (Green Leader), Maekrixvutha (Black Leader), Maekrixaussir (White Leader).


Maekrixtsa (Styx (Serpent) Leader), Maekrixsjach (Shadow Leader), Maekrixixen (Pyroclastic (Fire) Leader), Maekrixultro (Howling (Sound) Leader), Maekrixllonna (Rust (Wither) Leader), Maekrixuoinota (Tarterian (Hell) Leader).

Many of the words in the leaders’ title names have multiple meanings, in certain contexts. For instance, the word “llonna” means wither, but can also mean rust when applied to the type of dragon or to things that rust rather than wither. Draconic is as intricate and regional as common is, if not much more so. This is especially true on the Plane of Dragons, because it is literally as universal a language as common is.

Dragon History:

400,000-350,000: Eshixa creates the Plane of Dragons. Dragons are unintelligent and chaos rules absolutely. No alliances exist, though dragons with similar natures typically do not harm one another. Only True Dragons (Metallic and Chromatic) and Planar dragons live on the Plane.

350,000-300,000: Dragons begin to think on a humanoid level of sentience. Bahamut, Tiamat, and other powerful dragons ascend to become Lesser Gods. Knowledge of Eshixa wanes, as she interferes seldom and the new Lesser Gods become more popular.

300,000-225,000: Alliances of Good and Evil as they are in modern times form. Humanoids briefly discoverer a way to enter the Dragon Plane. Eshixa, in what is known (or perhaps not known) as her final major act, closes the Plane to extra-planar travel entirely. Even so, thousands upon thousands of Humanoids of all varieties begin to live and thrive on the plane. During this time, many species of lesser and sub dragons also begin to spring up from a great variety of sources. Eshixa is nearly completely erased from common knowledge at this point, but is passed down through verbal legend and the rare source by scholars.

225,000-100,000: A massive scale war begins and never ends between the allied good and evil dragons, as well as any humanoids who are inclined to take sides. Only stalemate is certain for over 100,000 years while the two vast powers do battle. Dragons, again showing their versatility and massive ability to adapt and evolve, begin to hatch with magical abilities long taught to them by humanoid sorcerers and other magical casters.

100,000-000,001: Nearly 100,000 years ago evil dragons began a ritual to summon Tiamat to the Dragon Plane. It is believed to be nearing its completion, and even the foreboding pre-presence of Tiamat has had a larger impact on the tides of war than any other known or recorded event in dragon history. The flow of battle is slowly changing in favor of the evil dragons and hope seems very dim and far away for the good dragons. Because of the intensity of battle and the demands of the job at hand, many good dragons, and sometimes evil dragons are being born with new qualities. These new Blessed or Cursed dragons grow to mature adult dragons at a much younger age and do not reach the full size of ordinary true dragons. The nature of these new dragons and why they have evolved is still mostly a puzzle, but it is clear the hold they key to the fate of good and evil.

Our adventure takes place in the year 000,001 PS (Prior to Summoning).

Dragon Campaign